Inflated figures behind sky-high Garden Vista renovation price

14 April 2019

The eye-watering HK$260 million price tag for the Garden Vista estate renovation was based on inaccurate and inflated estimates, a report from a consultancy firm has revealed.


Bid Rigging

An examination of the bid-rigging problem in Hong Kong's residential renovation and maintenance market using crowdsourcing and data analytics


Property agency boss arrested for alleged fraud in US

Five people from one of the largest Hong Kong real estate agency, Premier Capital were arrested after at least 28 Hongkongers accused the company of misleading them into buying derelict houses at inflated prices in the US.

Endangering wildlife in the name of traditions

As China lifted a 25-year ban on the trade of tiger bones and rhino horn last month, sale of endangered wild animal parts remains rife on and off the Chinese internet.

CCTV captures suspicious wetland blaze despite police ‘insufficient storage’ claim

The protected area, often dubbed the ‘backyard of Hong Kong’, has fallen victim to multiple arson attacks since 2010

The Backstory: Exposing the lies about a five-year-old girl’s death

Her principal said the school did not notice any injuries, but photos obtained by FactWire prove otherwise.

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